Against single keeping of chinchillas

...or and why humans cannot replace a conspecific!


Ask yourself!
Just as little as foreign species of animals, humans can compensate for one or more chinchillas as partners. The reasons for this will now be demonstrated in the form of questions to the (potential) owner. In order to understand why neither the human can replace the conspecific, everyone should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Can I be there for my individually kept chinchilla 24h a day 7 days a week, even at all times when it is scared, bored and distressed?
  • Can I sleep with my chinchilla cuddled together during the day?
  • Can I stay awake every night, at chin activity time, and spend it with my chinchilla?
  • Can I lovingly nibble and groom my chinchilla with my teeth all over its body?
  • Can I communicate with my chinchilla so that this animal understands me (Can I understand the body, sound and scent language of chinchillas?!) and we can interact with each other?
  • Can I roll in the sand with my chinchilla?
  • Do I smell like chinchilla and thus give my animal a sense of familiarity?
  • Can I imagine having only one friend on earth, who only has time for me when he wants to, but not when I would like him to be there?
  • Can I imagine having only one friend on earth, who is a chinchilla, but not a human being, with whom I can laugh, cry and communicate in human language and who understands me?
  • Do I want to live locked up in a room and ALONE?

Since I assume that the owner does not want to and cannot answer any of these questions with "yes", it should now be understandable why a chinchilla needs at least one conspecific.

Hypocritical arguments and excuses
Keepers of single chinchillas argue with words like "But my Chin is happy, I spend a lot of time with him!" or "My chinchilla likes to cuddle with me and likes to seek my closeness!" - What else is this animal supposed to do? Such exaggerated attachment is a sign of loneliness, seeking help and a behavioral disorder, the animal is anything but fine, it just has no choice but to join the human. There are only a few animals that really prefer to live alone, often the right partner has not yet been found for them or they have been incorrectly socialized.

Think about it
The pictures show what chinchillas like to do and also need during their resting phase: a warm, soft, living conspecific to cuddle with!
But also during the activity time loneliness is not in! After all, romping, eating and fooling around together is much more fun....