Digestive tract diseases - an overview

Red: (very) frequent, typical
Blue: occasionally, regularly
Green: rarely(er)
Causes Diagnosis Therapy                                                  
  • Flank breathing (in case of gasses in digestive tract)
  • Foul smelling feces
  • Few, very hard, very small, deformed feces
  • Abdominal pain signs (e.g. pressing the hind end to the floor, curved back)
  • Intimate area smeared with feces, fur or/ and furnishings
  • Inappetence
  • Apathy
  • Dental diseases
  • Heart diseases
  • And all other diseases possible: Because of weakened immune system and reduced or selective food intake, pathogenic germs and yeasts can multiply undisturbed, and parasites can settle and multiply more easily
  • Wrong diet (especially too rich in carbohydrates, too much concentrated feed, too little roughage and green fodder, too one-sided)
  • Consequence of treatment with certain agents (Nystatin, Panacur, Metronidazol etc.) or more rarely because of antibiotic administration
  • Too fast change of feed in case of pre-damaged digestive tract or sensitive animals
  • Palpate the abdomen
  • Listening
  • X-ray
  • (fecal examination)
Treat primary disease or find cause!

  • Diarrhea: Colosan, if necessary BeneBac/ cdVet Darm Aktiv, if necessary feeding
  • Gassing up: Sab Simplex, Colosan, abdominal massages, if necessary BeneBac/ cdVet Darm Aktiv, if necessary MCP, if necessary feeding
  • Constipation: Paraffin oil, Colosan, abdominal massages, if necessary BeneBac/ cdVet Darm Aktiv, if necessary MCP, do not feed if faeces are not produced
  • In case of heavy infestation of giardia/ worms/ yeasts: 6-8 week course with black cumin oil + CdVet DarmRein + if necessary Darm Aktiv
  • For deficiency states: Nutritional supplements e.g. cdVet MicroMineral
  • Pure healing earth for bathing
  • Warmth (SnuggelSafe, cherry stone pillow, red light - animal must be able to withdraw from the warmth at any time!)
  • If necessary antibiotic and painkiller (Metamizol)