Minimum size for chinchilla cage and cage size


The German animal welfare law stipulates a minimum footprint of 1 square meter for 2 chinchillas, which are kept as farm animals (a loved pet animal should get more place to live of course!)! That is, a cage with e.g. at least 0.7m x 1.43m area! The height should be min. 1m.


Our recommendation from experience

The cage or place of living for Chinchillas can not be large enough. The minimum dimensions recommended by us are:


  •     2 Chinchillas: 2m x 0,8m x 1,2m (B,T,H) oder 1,5m x 1m x 1,5m
  •     3-4 Chinchillas: 2m x 1m x 2m (B,T,H)
  •     5-6 Chinchillas: 2,5m x 1m x 2m (B,T,H)

Significance of the minimum cage size

A sufficiently large self-build or wooden cage - or even more appropriate a chinchilla room - including a reasonable cage design is essential for the psychical and physical health maintenance. If there is sufficient freedom of movement, the feed taken in the digestion apparatus can be better conveyed (chinchillas have only a small gut movement, which carries the food mash further), a constipation or gas formation/ bloating is prevented. In addition, the overweight is counteracted and the muscles and joints are trained.

And: a sufficient cage size is important so that our homechinchillas can do at least part of their species-specific movements. Therefore, one should give his animals so much space - but at best still more. More need-oriented is a width and height of min 2m. From an altitude of 2m one floor in the middle of the cage can be installed - but when the cage is lower the floor decreases only unnecessarily space and freedom of movement for chinchillas living in that cage. Otherwise, small and medium-sized boards/ floors, branches and partially retracted floors, which are installed in such a way that the animals can not fall deep are enough.


The STS (Swiss Animal Protection: Schweizer Tierschutz STS) even says:

Chinchillas have to be able to move extremely and therefore need a correspondingly large habitat. The most suitable is an entire room, which is specially designed for the chinchillas. If chinchillas are nevertheless enclosed in a cage, it must be sufficiently large, that is, it should have a length of at least 2 m, a width of 1 m and a height of 1.5 m. The conventional cages, which are offered in the trade, are far too small for the species-appropriate attitude of chinchillas. However, it is possible to have a carpenter make a cage.

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